Bullet Liner

Protect your valuable investment with Bullet Liner® No one knows the value you place on your pickup truck better than we do. It’s the perfect way to protect your truck’s performance, style and resale value. Feel protected and arm yourself. Shoot a Bullet Liner in your bed.

Utilizing advanced chemistry and seasoned ingenuity, Bullet Liner provides the highest level of scratch, scuff and puncture resistance for your truck’s bed, tailgate, wheel wells and other applications. This spray-on liner forms a sealed finish that is impervious to every type of extreme use and weather condition.

Remember the applications for Bullet Liner are virtually endless. It’s also perfect for trailer floors, open vehicle interiors, recreational vehicles, speaker boxes, playground equipment, and more. So no matter what your protection needs are, Bullet Liner has you covered. 

Impervious to climate changes 
Excellent gloss retention 
Bonds permanently 
Perfect fit 
Sound dampening 
Professional dealer network 
Multiple colors 
Priced competitively 
Satisfaction guaranteed



Truck Bedlisner









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A lifetime warranty program means you can relax and enjoy your truck, because Bullet Liner is protected for life.